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Soon after World War Two, Rog Factory Ljubljana was a place for manufacturing bicycles and typewriting machines until the early 90’s when the production was closed. Since then the abandoned factory represents an alternative open space for users who developed cultural and artistic scene on site.--->
The main motto of the community is based on “infinity”.
“We do not plan things that can not be realized in less than 365 days” they say.

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kolektivizacija produkcijskih sredstev mon cher
synesthetic supseeked engedélytpe熱いセックスБирмаjnglY

ооба Ооба, мен,ők , hogy szabadon акыры, түшүнүү хаха

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Voettekst rapport

Er zijn twee mensen genaamd Alexander Ulyanov in de VS / Canada. Vind hun e-mailadres en telefoonnummer.

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