Ghetto Report / Kakšen je rogovc ? / Wie sieht ein rogmann aus ?

Poslal-a vesolc, Tor, 05/04/1921 - 09:00

How does a rogman looks like ?

( english bellow )_____________last update 15:00 CET

Version 1: Schmutzig, stinkt, faul, verweilt in den Ecken, handelt mit Müll, stiehlt.
Er ist absolut zu sichtbar.
VERSION 2: Schmutzig, stinkend, faul, leiht zu erpresserischen Zinssätzen, manipuliert die Währung und macht politische Schnäppchen. Er bleibt im Hintergrund, völlig unsichtbar.
VERSION 3: Zusammenstellung B1 plus B2

Verzija 1 : Umazan, smrdi, len, zadržuje se po vogalih, prekupčuje s smetmi, krade.
Absolutno je preveč viden.
VERZIJA 2 : Umazan, smrdi, lenuh, posoja po oderuških obrestih, manipulira valuto in politično kupčuje. Zadržuje se v ozadju, povsem neviden.
VERZIJA 3 : kompilacija V1 plus V2

Version 1: Dirty, stinks, lazy, lingers in the corners, deals in garbage, steals.
He is absolutely too visible.
VERSION 2: Dirty, smelly, lazy, borrows at extortionate rates, manipulates currency and makes political bargains. He stays in the background, completely invisible.
VERSION 3: Composition B1 plus B2

Kaj je Svobodna Umetnost ?_________________________
_____in zakaj jo Kapitalisti in njihovi podrepniki Sovražijo iz Dna Duše ? ____________________


//// What is Avant-garde Art and Why Oligarchy Hates it from the bottom of their ___________ !?

/// You could do all this things in Venice or Manifesta easily... why did you do it in Rog ? !

//// It would be only official opposition in those places.. cstrtd.. here it has A_ant-guarde edge

/// But now it is all destroyed !

//// __________________ only the beginning : ______________

Axis Mundi, staircase Rog ---When you go upstairs from ground to third floor you can read with big difficullty inscription in red letters : " razredna zavest delavskega razreda " : " class Consciousness, of working class " .. When you come to the top third floor it is very easy to look down and read in one view in black letters :" Razredna zavest kapitalističnega razreda" : "class Consciousness, of the capitalist class"... 40 watts led lamp, lexan, wire .. september 18th 2020 - january 19th 2021 __artgroup rgb / destroyed


Photos by artgroup rgb, 2020, Creative Commons by 4.0



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