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Počno-zabavni filmski kotiček v ROG-u.
Brezplačna zbirka filmov ter dokumentarcev.

Na strani so le povezave do izvirnih strani, na katerih so naloženi video posnetki.
Posnetki, na katerih je odobreno kopiranje so seveda priloženi s povezavo.

* Občasno kaka povezava preneha delovati. Poskusite jo poGooglati pod danim imenom.

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* - Dokumentarni film

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* - Dokumentarni film

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* - Dokumentarni film

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* - dokumentarni film

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John Cusak vam predstavi kolonijo termitov, ki se bojuje za preživetje. Borijo se proti poplavam ter napadajoči koloniji mravelj ki hočejo osvojiti gnezdo. Doživite popolnoma nov pogled na film o katastrofi skozi uporabo makrofotografije, ki jo je direktor Phil Calderon uporabil da prikaže kaj točno se je zgodilo.

John Cusack narrates this look at a colony of termites as it battles for survival against a flood and an invading ant army
Experience a whole new take on the disaster film as director Philippe Calderon uses macrophotography to find out just what happens to a swarming colony of termites when an unexpected rain washes through their six-meter-high African savanna tower, flooding through the chambers and paving the way for an invasion by ravenous and carnivorous ants. Shot in the style of a large-scale disaster film and driven by innovative filmmaking techniques, Calderon's look at the remarkable life of insects provides fascinating insight into a little-explored universe seldom seen by the human eye.

This is the only Benoit Allemane video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Philippe Calderon.

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Zbirka RAP novic (premikanje med video posnetki - levo:desno)

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Original link:
(Možnost downloada)

In 1992 the newly independent Republic of Slovenia erased from the register of permanent residence 18,305 inhabitants (1% of the population) that until then had enjoyed full citizenship rights. Prior to secession of Slovenia these persons had been internal immigrants and citizens of former Yugoslavia. After the secession these persons did not became Slovene citizens. The “punishment” for not becoming Slovene citizens followed in the form of the erasure from the register of permanent residents. Thus they were transformed into “illegal” persons and deprived of basic human, social, and political rights. Without being notified the Erased lost their jobs, pensions, health insurances, the right to purchase apartments (in the period of property rights’ transition), and lived in a constant fear of being deported. Many of the Erased were deported or left the country understanding that there was no future for persons with “wrong” ethnic belonging in the newly established “democratic” state. Majority of the Erased persisted in Slovenia being subjugated to everyday humiliations and arbitrariness of the police and other state or local officials.

For ten years, the experiences and suffering of the Erased were shrouded in silence. Gradually the Erased started to self organize, to gain visibility and their struggle led to important victories. The Constitutional Court ruled twice (in 1999 and 2003) that the act of the erasure was unconstitutional and that rights should be restored retroactively. Instead of complying with the Constitutional Court decision Slovene political cast and especially right wing parties (which are still in power) started to mobilize the Slovene population against the Erased using xenophobic and racist discourses.

Download: Ogg Theora/Vorbis (217 MB), MPEG2 (2.4 GB, with Slovenian and English subtitles)

Subtitles: English, Slovenian

This movie is part of the collection: Community Video

Producer: Dimitar Anakiev
Audio/Visual: stereo, color
Language: Slovenian
Keywords: erasure from the register of permanent residence; slovenia; struggle for justice; personal experiences; civil death; documentary; ogg; vorbis; theora
Contact Information:

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Poslal-a kaptive, Sob, 07/08/2010 - 09:26

Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, akaThe Elvis of cultural theory, is given the floor to show of his polemic style and whirlwind-like performance. The Giant of Ljubljana is bombarded with clips of popular media images and quotes by modern-day thinkers revolving around four major issues: the economical crisis, environment, Afghanistan and the end of democracy. Zizek grabs the opportunity to ruthlessly criticize modern capitalism and to give his view on our common future.

We communists are back! is the closing remark of Slavoj Zižeks provocative performance. Our current capitalist system, that everyone believed would be smoothly spread around the globe, is untenable. We find ourselves on the brink of big problems that call for big solutions. Whatever is left of the left, has been hedged in by western liberal democracy and seems to lack the energy to come up with radical solutions. Not Zižek.

Interview: Chris Kijne
Director: Marije Meerman
Production: Mariska Schneider /Pepijn Boonstra
Research: Marijntje Denters/Maren Merckx
Commissioning editors: Henneke Hagen/Jos de Putter

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Quants are the math wizards and computer programmers in the engine room of our global financial system who designed the financial products that almost crashed Wall st. The credit crunch has shown how the global financial system has become increasingly dependent on mathematical models trying to quantify human (economic) behaviour. Now the quants are at the heart of yet another technological revolution in finance: trading at the speed of light.

What are the risks of treating the economy and its markets as a complex machine? Will we be able to keep control of this model-based financial system, or have we created a monster?

A story about greed, fear and randomness from the insides of Wall Street.

Director: Marije Meerman
Research: Gerko Wessel

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Reco(n) Ljubljana Tranzentrala

Uploaded by leparisdelaculture. - Discover new destinations and travel videos.

thanks to: Žiga (RGB)

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Gre za film, ki konceptualizira imigracijo ter življenje v Evropi skozi osebno pripoved 25 priseljencev iz celega sveta. Ljudem, ki so namenjeni v Evropo podaja film v premislek emocionalni priročnik po situacijah, na katere bodo po vsej verjetnosti naleteli, ko bodo prispeli na cilj, medtem, ko ljudem, ki živijo v Evropi, film približa doživljajsko stran imigracije ter ob enem prikazuje življenje v Evropi iz oči priseljencev.

Taste of EUrope

Poslal-a kaptive, Ned, 18/07/2010 - 23:11

This social experiment was carried out using hidden cameras in a townhouse complex in Johannesburg. Don't condone violence by doing nothing.

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Karavana Izbrisanih, The caravan of the erased

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* LEAVING THE FACTORY - dokumentarni film

(slovenski info Wikipedia) (english info Wikipedia)

It's the first film to ever be screened, 1895 - the Lumiere brothers used their invention called the cinematograph, a portable, three-in-one device which worked as a camera, printer, and projector
the clip is called the leaving the factory
and shows people in dresses going in nicest clothes to the church

Poslal-a kaptive, Pet, 08/01/2010 - 17:22
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Poslal-a kaptive, Čet, 26/02/2009 - 08:12

Projekcija tega filma je ze bila na ogled v prostorih SC ROG v organizaciji afriskega drustva, za tiste ki pa si ga niso uspeli ogledati je tu povezava do Googlove strani kjer je film objavljen.

* WHITE KING, RED RUBBER, BLACK DEATH - Dok. film (01:49:34) - klikni za povezavo (Google)

The story of King Leopold II of Belgium's brutal colonisation of central Africa, turning it into a vast rubber-harvesting labour camp in which millions died.

Poslal-a kaptive, Sre, 25/02/2009 - 15:25

( )
This article is about a Yugoslav film. For the historical battle on which the film was based, see Battle of the Neretva.
The Battle of Neretva

VHS cover
Directed by Veljko Bulajić
Produced by Anthony B. Unger
Henry T. Weinstein
Steve Previn
Written by Stevan Bulajić
Veljko Bulajić
Starring Sergei Bondarchuk
Yul Brynner
Anthony Dawson
Milena Dravić
Music by Bernard Herrmann
Vladimir Kraus-Rajteric
Cinematography Tomislav Pinter
Editing by Vojislav Bjenjas
Roberto Perpignani
Distributed by American International Pictures
Release date(s) October 7, 1969
February 25, 1971
Running time 175 min.
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbo-Croatian/English
Budget $71,015,000

Bridge on the Neretva river, built and twice-destroyed during the shooting of the film.
Battle of Neretva (Serbo-Croatian: Bitka na Neretvi, Битка на Неретви) is a 1969 Yugoslavian partisan film. The film was written by Stevan Bulajić and Veljko Bulajić, and directed by Veljko Bulajić. It is based on the true events of World War II. The Battle of the Neretva was due to a strategic plan for a combined Axis powers attack in 1943 against the Yugoslav Partisans. The plan was also known as the Fourth Enemy Offensive and occurred in the area of the Neretva river in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Battle of Neretva is the most expensive motion picture made in the SFR Yugoslavia.[1] It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film[2], the year after Sergei Bondarchuk (playing the role of Martin in Neretva) won the honour for War and Peace. The English language version features a powerful score by American composer Bernard Herrmann.
One of the original posters for the English version of the movie was made by Pablo Picasso, which, according to Bulajić, the famous painter agreed to do without payment, only requesting a case of best Yugoslav wines.[3]

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* LEADING TO WAR - vojni dokumentarec (01:12:16) - levi klik (ogled)

info - klikni za izvirno stran
- This 72-minute film shows the evolution of the United States government’s case for military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime, leading to the Iraq War which began in 2003.

- How does a government lead its people to war? How does it communicate to its citizens – and to the wider world – the reasons and rationale for initiating military conflict? What rhetorical devices and techniques are employed? And how is a nation brought to support the profound decision to wage war against another nation? These are the questions that LEADING TO WAR seeks to explore.

- LEADING TO WAR is comprised entirely of archival news footage – without commentary, without voiceover – presented chronologically from President Bush’s State of the Union address in January, 2002 (the “axis of evil” speech), and continuing up to the announcement of formal U.S. military action in Iraq on March 19, 2003.

- Covering these 14 months, the film presents selected interviews, speeches, and press conferences given by President Bush and his administration, including Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, as well as by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and others.

- This compressed, chronological view offers a unique opportunity to examine the media record from a historical perspective, allowing the material to speak for itself. Footage was licensed from major news sources, including ABC, AP, BBC, CNN, ITN, and NBC.
LEADING TO WAR is also intended as a historical record for future generations, who will not have had firsthand experience of the precise, incremental steps taken by the government in presenting its case for war.

Poslal-a kaptive, Tor, 24/02/2009 - 08:52

Zanimiv animirani dokumentarec... vredno ogleda, lahko se ga tudi downloada (cca 50 MB)

* THE STORY OF STUFF - povezava do izvirne strani (00h:21m:16s/50MB) - Levi klik (ogled),
* THE STORY OF STUFF - Full version/YouTube (00h:21m:16s) - levi klik (ogled)

The Story of Stuff will take you on a provocative tour of our consumer-driven culture — from resource extraction to iPod incineration — exposing the real costs of our use-it and lose-it approach to stuff.
Story of Stuff, Full Version; How Things Work, About Stuff
From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.
©Tides Foundation & Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

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* NIKOLA TESLA - The master of lightning (01:25:18) - klikni za video

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was one of the most fascinating scientists of the 20th century. He invented, developed or imagined the technology that brought us electricity, remote control, neon and florescent lighting, radio transmission and much more... all the basic inventions that now connect the world with power and information.

He was a brilliant and charismatic immigrant whose talent took him to the height of celebrity. He locked horns with Thomas Edison, J. Pierpont Morgan, Guglielmo Marconi, and George Westinghouse. Mark Twain praised his genius. They are all characters in this program, the very first to tell the full story of Tesla's life and work.

Like many geniuses, Tesla was not a conventional man. He gave his life to realize his visions, while others made millions with his inventions. Tragically, he died penniless and nearly forgotten.

TESLA: MASTER OF LIGHTNING gives long overdue recognition to a great and misunderstood man of science. The life of Nikola Tesla is an inspiring example of the power of one man to change the world with technology and revolutionary ideas.

To learn more about Nikola Tesla visit: - klikni

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* APPIKO (to embrace) (00:29:36) - klikni za video

In the tradition of Gandhi and the Chipko movement,they used direct action to save the forests of the Western Ghats. An inspirational story of a non-violent grass-roots movement that arose in the vilages of Southern India.

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* MELODYNE - Direct note access - klikni za video
(Video lahko na njihovi strani tudi shranite)

Direct Note Access is a technology that makes the impossible possible: for the first time in audio recording history you can identify and edit individual notes within polyphonic audio material. The unique access that Melodyne affords to pitch, timing, note lengths and other parameters of melodic notes will now also be afforded to individual notes within chords.

Poslal-a kaptive, Pon, 25/02/2008 - 15:23

Dokumentarni film, iz katerega so vlekli mnogi
filmi teorije zarote...

* THE RING OF POWER - Dokumentarni film (02:23:00)

Poslal-a kaptive, Pon, 25/02/2008 - 13:33

* ANTONIO NEGRI - A Revolt That Never Ends (00:52:35) - klikni za video

Over the years, few intellectuals have experienced as much admiration and hatred as Antonio Negri. His international best-selling book, Empire, a critical analysis of the new global economy coauthored with Michael Hardt, was hailed as a new manifesto for the 21st century, and turned Negri into a leading spokesperson for the international anti-globalization movement. Antonio Negri: A Revolt that Never Ends profiles the controversial life and times of this important moral and political philosopher, militant, prisoner, refugee, and so-called “enemy of the state.” It traces his roots in the radical left-wing movements in Italy during the 60s and 70s, illustrated through incredible archival footage of strikes, factory occupations, terrorist actions, violent street confrontations, and government trials of dissidents. During these tumultuous decades Negri spent ten years in prison and fourteen years in Parisian exile, where he contributed to philosophical debates with authors such as Gilles Deleuze. The film features interviews with Negri (conducted following his April 2003 release from confinement), public speaking appearances, plus commentary from his coauthor Michael Hardt, and Italian and French colleagues. Antonio Negri explores this visionary theoretician’s lifelong political struggle, now being expressed in works of contemporary relevance such as Empire and its sequel, Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire, a powerful intellectual project in protest of the new global order. (First Run / Icarus Films)

Poslal-a kaptive, Pon, 25/02/2008 - 13:13

* MONEY AS DEBT - animiran dokumentarni film (43 min) - klikni za video

Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out. The Cowichan Citizens Coalition and its "Duncan Initiative" received high praise from those who previewed it. I recommend it as a painless but hard-hitting educational tool and encourage the widest distribution and use by all groups concerned with the present unsustainable monetary system in Canada and the United States.

Poslal-a kaptive, Pon, 25/02/2008 - 04:51

* JESUS CAMP - šokantni dok. o evangelističnih otrocih (01:24:33) - klikni za video
Jesus Camp, shocking documentary

Poslal-a kaptive, Pet, 02/07/2010 - 08:42