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Poslal-a ThDi, Ned, 24/02/2008 - 17:20

On the 12th of February 2008 the productive community in ROG performed an experimental intermedia spectacle called


(Izplutje - lift off) alias ROGOVINA

in the Concert hall of the ROG Factory.

This was to my knowledge the first serious attempt to unite the creative community that was established in the Factory in one performance. The attempt was definitely succesful.

The main directive was to bring one's own ideas and production and incorporate them into a joint performance. Most of the people that have regular production running in ROG were invited to join the spectacle and many of them joined -O-. The incorporation of the ideas, production, and other suggestions into the spectacle was done by everybody. And everybody cooperated volontarily with production, work, rehearsing, finances that were needed,...
This was a true autonomus and independent production.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the associates and pleasure of cooperating with everybody that was a part of the spectacle, including the observers, who were also invited to actively join the performance. I will do this in order of appearance in the spectacle.

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Cirkus na smetišču translated into English is Circus on the Dumpyard. In a group of jugglers and acrobats, who apart from their performance in the spectacle also had a role of streamers of the observers, were Mladen Baćić, Sanja Žmavc, Nika Gabrovšek, Gregor Wedam, Julia Zupan, and Petra Šinkovec. Vida Cerkvenik-Bren and Jaša Jenull helped them with advices for organization and coordination of their part of the performance. They also had some suggetions considering the beginnig of the whole spectacle which were used.
Big thanks!

Borut Savski from the interdisciplinary art post Cirkulacija 2 (Circulation 2) provided one part of the sound. He generated it with camera and hi-fi. His sound generation was present throughout the spectacle.
Hey, Savski, thanks, finaly we played together!

A group of four dancers, Katra Kodela, Tini Rozman, who otherwise participate in contemporary dance company Temno kot... (Dark as...) and Kaja Teržan, and Urša Sekirnik, who otherwise participate in contemporary dance company Arwa, prepared and performed two coreographies for the spectacle.
Thank you, girls! You are the proof of a serious contemporary dance production in ROG.

Simon Svetlik, member of RGB, a group of visual artists, was in charge of the visual projections that were going on thorughout most of the spectacle.
Thank you, Simon!

The band Omaka was formed especially for this occasion.
Members of the band: Marko Petrušič - keyboard, Luka Ropret - guitar, Rok Koritnik - drums, Jelena Soro - oboa and saxophone, Thierno Diallo - bass guitar.
Thanks, band, it was OK!

OK Family is a circus group of two. Mojca Rakipov Nursel performed an oriental dance with Denis Owino showing his great skills of controling the fire.
Big thanks and respect to our African and Gipsy conection!

Ryuzo Fukuhara performed a solo dance act.
Big thanks and big respect to our Japanese conection!

Majda Gregorič from Cirkulacija 2 provided visual projections reflecting from a mirror for Ryuzo's performance.
Thanks for cooperation, Majda!

For Bolero three percussionists joined the band. Andrej Lovec, Peter Šükler, and Matej Pajnič
Thank you for making an orchestra out of a band!

Last but not least I want to thank the people who were not visible as part of the performance, but were nevertheless very important part of it.

Žiga Pilih, member of RGB, and Matjaž Stražar made an art gallery out of the concert hall. Succesfully, but the making of the exhibition was not a part of the performance as was the plan.
Nice exhibition, guys, and thank you.

Marko Bojičić who is RBS Productions provided sound engineering for the spectacle. He also made a sound recording of the show.
Marko, thank you very much!

Sanja Hrvačanin made a video recording of the spectacle.
Thank you, Sanja!

Kuki and Tine Drašak fixed a construction of four walls for the four dancers. Tine also fixed the lighting instalation for the gallery into which the concert hall was transformed.
Thank you, Kuki!
Tine, without you the concert hall would not be in its optimal state for -O-. Thank you!

I also have to thank Socialni center (Social Centre) and Arna for lending us the video projectors.
Thank you!

I am sure I forgot somebody.
Thank you, too!

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Poslal-a kaptive, Pon, 25/02/2008 - 00:34

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