Visit from Denmark

Poslal-a morregard, Tor, 25/04/2006 - 15:30

Dear Friends,

I don't really understand this language, so I don't know know where I'm writing or if this will ever appear anywhere. Sorry about that. The thing is that I am going to Ljubljana, together with a friend. We are looking for a base to stay for two weeks, while we are doing a big journalist project about Slovenia (and the positive/negative sides of the transition).

I heard about this Tobarna Roc place and thought it would be the perfect place to put two air mattresses in a side room and be based - especially as one the areas, we're writing about, is the housing market in Slovenia. Is that anyhow possible?

We're two journalist students (I'm from Denmark, the other from Germany), so we can't really afford Hotel Slon anyway. By the way, I've been to Slovenia several and I really like the country. Hope somebody have time to reply; just send me a mail:

Best regards from Copenhagen,
Kristian Norregaard

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