Poslal-a Dick Chain, Pet, 22/05/2009 - 16:04

Saturday 23th May
In front of Social Center Rog at 21:00

Projection of short movies. In the case of bad weather the projection will be inside social center. After projection folows vegetarian dinner cooked by Erasmus Vagabundus.

**** LOLITA SEPARERAR (Max Andersson-Sweden 1988). 15 min.
Live action shot in b/w Super-8 with no sound. This "deaf and dumb movie" tells the story of a young couple in a typical Swedish suburb facing the first crisis in their relationship.

***** GYPNEROTOMAHIA (Igor Kovalev Russia 1992) coul. 8min
The muddle of different dreams of a man, a woman and a dog. Every dream is full of melancholy in the evening, sensuality at night and nightmares before the sunrise. Our dreams and our life.

**** LA CABINA ( Antonio Mercero- Spain 1972). With English subtitles and not much dialogue. 35min.
A man gets trapped inside a telephone box and nobody is able to free him. A very suggestive critique to the opression and paralisis of the society in the Francoist times, very disturbing and rich spanish surrealist film.

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