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Koncertna Dvorana

L'ESPRIT DU CLAN (Pariz, FRA//metalcore)

In the year 1992, a handful of students cross path in a Paris' suburban highschool. Their taste for powerful music and protest songs eventually lead them to getting their first instruments. The course is as classic as their story unusual. Quickly enough, the motivating force sets the pace and at the same time they're writing their first tracks, the young musicians set up a promotional campaign that will carry out their name all over Paris: "L'Esprit Du Clan".

Following this intriguing burst advertising, in 1999 is released the first 5 tracks EP "Chapitre 0" (Chapter 0). The critics are overwhelming and soon, the band is set to go on a european trek with Merauder, NY hardcore legends. About that time, they hook up with Big Red (ex Raggasonic) and they obtain a true distribution deal through Virgin. "Chapitre 1" (Chapter 1) sees the day in 2002, the band's reputation grows beyond their inner circle and they play memorable show after memorable show.

With their first real deal with Enragé Produtions and their commitment with booker Rage Tour, their influence keeps getting stronger with yet again a new album, "Chapitre 2 : Reverence" (Chapter 2: Reverence).More than just a live band, the sextet, now a full blown combo of experienced musicianship and despite their young age, has already become a source of inspiration for numerous bands, and confirms their line-up as one that can't be ignored during Disorder Tour I & II.

In 2007, confident and strong with their experiences, they get in the studio with Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) for their third effort. The general feeling revolving around a return to their roots, the influences of their youth: aerial moments, memerizing solos and lyrics as honest as ever. "Chapitre 3 : Corpus Delicti" (Chapter 3: Corpus Delicti) is a full fledged, mature album, and in spite of the plummeting sales in the music industry and thanks to their thousands of fans' dedication, the band's aura grows on.

Now, prepared with their solid live and studio experience, it's clear the parisian band needed to bond again with an angrier, more vindictive style, as proved by the efficiency and the live feeling of the 11 tracks on their new record. It's with this idea in mind and in their own personnal studio, that Mickaël Dupont and the band themselves worked on their new sound: more powerful and more aggressive than ever. Mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio is the icing on the cake on an already spotless production and is able to throw the sextet up there with the best international metal bands.

Proof of their constant evolution, their anger and protest songs are here serving the purpose of introspection and self reconsideration when the rest of the world keeps pointing at guilty parties. "Chapitre 4 : L'Enfer C'est Le Notre" (Chapter 4: This Hell Is Ours) is introspective and about a personnal revolution. The album will be released through 13bis Records and will be widely promoted and distributed via Sony-BMG. With more than 400 shows on their slate, from France to Poland, going though Portugal or Québec, the band is working on their new tour. Against an easy way out and in constant evolution, L'Esprit Du Clan chose the art of ever growing.

Ra:IN (Japonska)

Magnificent rock maestros, each of whom has made big achievements or played an active part as a session musician in the front line of Japanese Rock,
joined together in 2002 to form Ra:IN.
This new band will be the core of their activities,and will continue permanently.
(The band was joined by DIE in 2007)
Since their debut, the band has build an aggressive and
powerful movement throughout Japan, Asia, and Europe.
They have released 3 albums, a Maxi-single and a live-DVD.

2002 Ra:IN are formed by PATA, michiaki and Tetsu.
The end of the year, Performed at "ROCK LEGENDS" in Shinjyu Kosenenkin hall.
2003 Maxi single "The Border" and their debut album "The Line" were released and did active touring.
2004 Ra:IN started to have concert at overseas. at shanghai & Taiwan.
2005 First concert in Europe! "Elysee Montmartre" in Paris.
"AT LAST hide MUSEUM" concert at hide MUSEUM which regrettably closed at the year.
Performed at the DANGER CRUE In Nihon Budokan at the end of the year.
2006 Their 2nd Album " BEFORE THE SIERN " was released in Japan & Taiwan.
One man concert at the Wall in Taiwan.
2007 1st DVD "HARD RAIN & ROCKS LIVE" was released!
DIE, keyboard ex.hide with spread beaver, joined as a official member.
On Sep. Ra:IN performed at the biggest outdoor Rock Fes in China as first japanese rock band.
Nine Inch Nails,Marky Ramone, New York Dolls also performed there.
2008 Apr: Released 3rd Album 『Metal Box』!!
May:Released『Metal Box』in europe.
Performed at "hide Memorial Summit" at Ajinomoto Studium!!
Jul: PATA & michiaki performed at Japan Expo in France.
Ra:IN played with Flight perfomence show organazed by RED BULL at the special outdoor stage in front of the heliport of Yokohama Minatomirai.
Aug: played at "SPIRITS OF EXTASY 2008"
Oct~Dec: Perform at Yokohama, Kanazawa and Kobe, Tokyo

2009 Ra:IN started to produce their 4th Album!
Jul~ start first Ra:IN's world tour!
Performing in 8 countries as Italy, Hungary, Polland, Germany,
Russia, Spain....
Ra:IN start EUROPEAN TOUR 2009!
Jul Decided to perform at Japan Expo France for the second consecuive year.
The Final of Euro tour is in czech repblic
The biggest Rock festival in Czech

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