at "Ultima": pARTY!! MULTi-KONTRA-KULTi BEATS turboreactive MASH-UP

Poslal-a dimon, Sre, 30/12/2009 - 22:02
30 Jan 2010 - 23:30 || 31 Jan 2010 - 05:00

Ljublana Trubarjeva 72 UPSTAIRS, ROG territory

turboreactive merciless multi-kulti party cocktail and supernatural multi-orgazmic hysteria, all up to GogolBordello's mile-high transcontinental party standards, da!!! scroll down for music played..

it ain't no plastic 'balkan beats' for german yappies, hehe

dj/vj Dimon + them 11 superfamous ones DJs..

plus some girls-students will be shooting this extraspecial video report for their student project about somewhat..ehh...oh, yeah, here, "Alternative way of living".. fuck, what's 'alternative' , we don't really know of any other decent ways to live.. pura vida ultima transcontinentale and paranormale IS The Way! - no doubt about; what's alternative - human cloning society?? or "huj society"??? wha-evah..

23.30 - 05.00

and of course tonight we'll be expanding Guineess Record book futher up with superglorious 11 International Star dj Line-up due to that popular local demand )))!!

DJs: Titi Bandido(Esp), Ivan The Whorrible (Russia), Jah Skrew (Jamaica), Likah Lickah (Ethiopia), Punnani superChasah (UK, yo!), Black Sea Muff Diver (Turkey), Balkano Bazooka (ex-Yugo), Selecta superSelecta (SLO), Huj-Na-Na (Tokyo), 2Cool2Roll (UK) and DJ In-Betweeni (Italia)


alright, just got this frm a friend..historical shit, straight-up radical Bible Of Transglobal Debauchery material : random Youtube video from GOGOL BORDELLO afterparty organized by Diman&Ade in DALLAS, Texas, 2008
featuring dj Hutz, Dimon, Ade and Diana

well..looks like Ultima is totally ruling European Party scene.. so talk to your neighbour to have his huge Christmas party or Birthday Bash at our place, we make it nicccce





ULTiMA. Superstrong fresh radical video/film material and the wild ride around the planet on musical front, across all styles/directions/decades. The very last word of most ultimate art of The PARTY. Believe it or not, Planet Earth's Kultural Avant-garde is now brought here, in Ljubljana, this real nice lil town with so underestimated magical powers ;). Party!!
party sites:
ULTiMA group on Facebook

Quick mobile phone video from our party here:

"If we are here not to do
What you and I wanna do
And go forever crazy with it
Why the hell we are even here?"
- Eugene Hutz, "Gogol Bordello"


22.00 - 07.00 or later
at "ULTiMA" - Tovarna ROG, UPSTAiRS of concert hall(Trubarjeva 72, Ljubljana)
dance party + wicked video projections

DJ Dimon, Gogol Bordello's debauchery coordinator/tour dj/videographer and leader of recent projecto "Cafe Trotsky".

dj demo/party teaser at dimon's party site:

Ultimate mash-up of Ska Punk, Breaks, Gypsy Punk, Reggae/Ragga/Raggamuffin/Raggajungle, Tzigano Jungle, Rio Baile Punk, Balkan Brass, Tzigano Balkano/ Tzigano Russo /Tzigano Italiano, , Turkish Dancehall, Caucasus Drum'n'bassus, very special old-school dubby House,
Arab Sextura, Drum&Bass, Mestizo, underground Balkan/Turkish/Latin Reggaeton, Speedball Dub, Brass'n'Bass, Ska/Ska-Jazz/Ska-Punk/Ska Latino, Brazilian&Afro Funk/Ragga,Gypsy Swing/Jazz/Funk/Breaks,Rai, Gypsy Punk, Ska Punk, Cumbiamuffin, Bhangra'n'Bass, Rumba Gitana, Blues, Salsamuffin, plus WICKED VIDEO PROJECTIONS!




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