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They are The Grand Astoria. They were born and raised under the scorching sun of Russia's South and their music first saw the light of day in the blistering cold of St. Petersburg. They don't want to call their music any names but for the lack of better words are often labeled as psychedelic stoner punk band.
Even though punk rock and metal are two major influences they enjoy rock music in all its diversity, so when you listen to TGA's new record you never know what's coming up next. It could be a metal hymn, or a psychedelic vibe or a skillful bluesy number. It may sound crazy but somehow all these styles and grooves come together in really a beautiful way in TGA's music. With their love to old-school and willingness to experiment the band wins the hearts of fans and critics alike all over the world. They write music, tour with it and repeat the cycle again, succeeding in surprising their audience with the never heard before blend of rhythms and cultures.

The members mention Iron Maiden,Mudhoney, Megadeth, Faith No More and Jimi Hendrix among their major influences. DIY ethic is the usual way the band arranges their tours and record deals.You can easily find their records for free across the internet. During the fall of 2010 The Grand Astoria played 40 shows across Europe in support of their second album. Their third album named "Omnipresence" was released at January 1, 2011. A World Tour has been announced for the whole year as well via the band's myspace.

-"The Grand Astoria"-2009 (CD)
-"II"-2010 (CD)


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