Poslal-a gitana angela, Čet, 26/05/2011 - 07:08

Rog's structure is a strange one. They want to seem ordered but they seem chaotic, disorganized and late with their direction about Ultima. Their time managemant is very damaging for the entire Ultima project. What a miserable existence! No more creative work. No more production. No more activities. No more projection screens. No more bands. No more artist friends. No more djing/Vjaiing. no more Mc's lyrics. No more graphic design. No more performances. No more happy crowds. No more good tiiimes! Even the mail art project is cancelled! WTF! The international party is suffering and like things couldn't get any worse with Jazz Club burning down. Does Rog have the means to collaborate? COllaboration is the answer, kids! Discussion and argument is going nowhere. Action! Action! Wake up, Rog! We are an ultra avant-guard newly emerged arot of party known as ULTIMA! (if you are in the habit of creating suffering for yourself. You're probably creating suffering for others.)
Had the majestic pleasure to reunite with my friend and partner dj dimon spring 2011 AND WILL RETURN SOON!

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Poslal-a dimon, Čet, 26/05/2011 - 12:13

Well, of course our party can't be stopped.
Actually, our multi-kulti 'Pura Vida Ultima' project is now expanding and multiplying, organizing our own festivals, and adding new locations. That Rog's space became too narrow for our following an for our artistic group, all that annoying envy & sabotage attempts around. We'll keep it as one of the known Ultima's party spots, but already extending our party, making even more buzz in Ljubljana, Europe and the world and extending Pura Vida Ultima's following.