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Kuchidomeryou is a short-film recorded during my journeys in Honshū (Japan) about a year after the catastrophe of Fukushima. It aims to reflect the life and the atmosphere out there: These normal/abnormal situations... and these constant heavy silences.

This short film is a little contribution to support the Japanese people in this frightening situation and a message to maintain the idea that we have to think about renewable energies.

How many nuclear accidents, dead or ill people will it take before admitting the danger of nuclear power?

Texts written by Mikael Lesage and I, read by Peter Scott, original score and sound design composed by Subheim, and audio mastering by 4BE Sound aka Mobthrow, additional color settings by Louise Edwards.

futurorg.com/ subheim.com/ 4besound.com/ mobthrow.com/

Originally published on Jun 14, 2012 by shiftab

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