I, pet goat II

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A story about the fire at the heart of suffering.
Our first short film was totally self-financed with no outside help, either governmental or corporate.
0:10 Boxed In
The left-right puppet and additional layer of disenfranchisement, keeping you distracted while Drako weaves his web.
1:13 Lily
And suddenly a startling realization arose in Lily: "This apple is not mine", she thought.
"It belongs to someone else."
2:4 Sadness
2:17 More Skullduggery
2:30 Lady Helotry
2:34 Prey
2:56 Drako
The Sorcerer, the unseen hand and spirit of madness seeking ever more control through trickery, lies, poisons, false-flag events, wars, and mountains of beauracratic and legal framework to siphon off the energy of the inhabitants of the earth. He fears the light of day as he fears life itself, and operates in the shadows. His greatest power is his hold on the issuance of the currency.
3:13 Pietà
3:20 Aali
The whirling heart of Islam awakened to the one true God! He is free and needs no control.
3:32 Juan "Pepito"
After years of economic exploitation and the environmental degradation, Juan "Pepito" has a decidedly sinking feeling.
3:42 Sun-Sue
Opposing courageously those who would enslave her.
3:43 Skullduggery
4:6 Fire Of Truth
That's YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the
brotherhood of mankind!!!
4:45 Madame Q
Madame Q's point of suffering is sex. Is it repression or indulgence?
We don't know. Yet their is definitely shame there
5:15 Ludovic
In Latin, ludo means to play and ovis (ovum/ovis) can mean egg. The egg is a symbol of the potential, genetics, and of the soul.
Ovis can also mean sheep in Latin.
But in reality, Ludovic comes from a Germanic name meaning illustrious in combat.
5:31 L'enfant Bleu
The keeper of the flame.
6:08 the sleeper must awake (see Dune)

Original soundtrack "the Stream", written and performed by Tanuki Project.

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Original video by I, pet goat II on Vimeo.com here:http://vimeo.com/44583147

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