AeonArcanum +Maras (MK)

Poslal-a ThDi, Sob, 03/11/2012 - 21:13
11 Jan 2013 - 22:00

koncertna dvorana


Aeon Arcanum is a Macedonian metal act that tends to incorporate every piece of their songs into a progressively developed music flow. The unified association of various types of instruments is what makes their music complex, but yet composed and arranged in such a way that brings psychedelic and melancholic moments in one context. The band was formed in the year 2003 by Aleksandar Ivanov and firstly known by the name Arcanum. After many band members settings, Aeon Arcanum grew in variety in the musical sense as the band filtered its music taste. There were two demos of the band that were recorded before the official release of their first album named Monuments in November 2011. The band tirelessly continues to work on their new material followed by the highly acclaimed debut, Monuments, as writen by many reviewers and web sites.


MARAS exists since 2003 and is the first pagan black metal band from Macedonia. In the beginning, they started as a one-man project, but generally, the biggest and the most important part of their development belongs to the longtime musical collaboration between Andrej Karadzoski and Risto Alchinov. The sound of their earliest releases oscillates mostly around the raw black metal in one hand, and in the other hand there’s the experiment with ambient and electronic sounds. After the releasing of the debut-album “Raskol” (where a more intensive influence from the Macedonian traditional music can be felt) and the latest single “Souldryers, eyesuckers”, the quality of their sound starts to improve and expand in a quite different direction which gives the experiment a fundamental role in the creation process. Furthermore, the band devoted the last two years in quest for the desirable sound and the overall picture of the brand new, reanimated and fully transformed ‘Maras spirit’, which, after a long wait, came to be an unexpected answer from the universe. What they learned is written in the new material waiting to be unveiled, but firstly announced with ‘the mother of all songs’ - “Mienje na svetcite” (Rinsing the Saints).
The current Maras line-up: Andrej Karadzoski (vocals, guitars), Vladimir Dimitrovski (guitars), Goran Ilievski (bass) and Risto Alchinov (drums).

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