!!!3xKoncert!!! ThrowMeOffTheBridge(F) &NoKingNoCrown(D) &WhiteBoyProblems(D) !!!3xAcoustic1manBands!!!

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4 Mar 2013 - 22:00

koncertna dvorana

Throw Me Off The Bridge

Quentin Sauvé - vocals, guitar, glockenspiel, kick drums, auxiliary percussion
By Matthias Throatruiner Records :
"Fortunately, an indie-folk player’s valor does not depend upon age nor facial hair density. THROW ME OFF THE BRIDGE is the acoustic side of Quentin Sauvé, a young hyperactive French from Laval famous for mistreating his guitar and vocal cords within acts like As We Draw, Hourvari, The Brutal Deceiver, Calvaiire and other decibel mountains. You won’t find any of that in "Everlasting Folks", besides this vital need to spill his guts out in all sincerity, without artifice or saturation, but with a wide open heart. Recorded by his brother Amaury, these seven tracks make for one of those “Sunday in the fall” records, and other dismal and depressing days when rain taps at your window, your flesh shivering in the hollow warmth of the wood fire."

No King No Crown

Sometimes it takes not more than a voice, a guitar and a violin to create one special and quiet world of fanciful sounds that are... more. (acoustic Dresden)

White Boy Problems

Hey there. I wrote some sad punk songs lately and also I like to travel and meet new friends. So I thought I‘d combine those things and suddenly there was White Boy Problems.

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