ALTER ŠALTER vabi na ogled filma, 15.2.007 ob 20h v SC

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ALTER SALTER vas vabi na ogled filma "But I'm a cheerleader", ki smo ga omenili tudi na queer debati v SC ROGu.
//ALTER SALTER invites you on projection of the movie "But I'm a cheerleader", already mentioned on the queer debate in SC ROG.//

Film bomo zavrteli v cetrtek, 15.2.007 ob 20h v Socialnem Centru tovarne ROG, Trubarjeva, Ljubljana (stavba takoj za vhodom desno, znana tudi kot Hisa Cvetja)
//Projection will be on Thursday, 15.2.007 at 20pm in Social Center of Factory ROG, Trubarjeva, Ljubljana (after the main entrance building on the right)//

"But I’m a cheerleader is a 1999 satire film directed by Jamie Babbit about a high school cheerleader, Megan Bloomfield (Natasha Lyonne), who is sent to a reparative therapy camp, run by Mary Brown (Cathy Moriarty), to become a heterosexual after her friends and family have an "intervention" and tell her she is a lesbian. In the camp, “True directions”, homosexuals are redescovering their gender identity through different steps. The film is about building up gender who fits the norms of conservative heterosexual society and overcoming them.

The film won the Audience Award and Graine de Cinéphage Award of Créteil International Women's Film Festival. It was nominated by the Political Film Society of America for the PFS award in the category of human rights."

Po filmu tudi debata.
//After the movie there will be a debate.//


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