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KAPITALISTIČKOG SUSTAVA: primjer alternativno-supkulturnih praksi,
Hajrudin Hromadžić

The paper deals with one dimension of the capitalist system, the phenomenon of co-optation, treated as an important aspect through the deconstruction of which it is possible to come to a more complex understanding of a range of actual manifestations of contemporary neoliberal capitalism. Co-optation is basically a phenomenon of an economic and political character, however, its manifestations can and should be detected at the social as well as (contra-) cultural levels, which is the main aim of this paper. The secondary aim of the paper is to discuss a related concept of gentrifi cation, i.e. an economically, politically, socially and culturally defi ned phenomenon of a class takeover of the city. Co-optation and, partially, gentrification are problematized in the domain of alternative culture and subculture through the case study analysis of two concrete examples. Th ese are the areas of subcultural squatting in the city of Ljubljana, called Metelkova and Rog, which today undoubtedly symbolise urban bastions of alternative culture in Slovenia, as well as the wider region. Th e paper attempts to present several relevant aspects of the transformation of these places within a wider context of historical, political, economic, social and (sub)cultural transitions, as well as to test practically the phenomenon of co-optation by applying it to these selected samples. In the conclusion, the paper attempts to off er several possible practical responses to contemporary challenges of co-optation mechanisms modelled by neoliberalism.

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