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1. Helen Caldicott: The_Earth_is_in_Intensive_Care_Unit.
2. Dana Durnford: Its been over 90 days on the ocean.
3. Kevin D Blanch: They will be calling You Radical !
4. Thomas Ackermann Aritst: Do What is Right.
5. Yannick Dangin Leconte: my art is resistance
6. Janja Rakuš: Death is Portal for a Seed Immortal.
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7. Dušan Rutar: I Want To Be Your Symptom.
8. Borg C Gardener: No more ive age Here.
9. Simon Svetli-Svetlikk: Art is A Summer Office.
10. Slavoj Žižek: Cut The Balls.
11. Thierno Diallo: Žiga ti si nor.
12. Andrew Ebisu: Please share and support us!
13. Jon Trinajstica: I was seven years in Rog, now I am here Forever.
14. Arian Arianov: I was not here.


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