Rogor Cirkus

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RogoЯ Cirkus
Jan 2013, aerial dancer Dana Auguštin and bassist Thierno Diallo started production of aerial performances accompanied with double bass and bass guitar in a hall in Rog, abandoned bicycle factory, seeking new ways of circus, music and their combination. Production: circus creation, circus education, music, circus festival ,... Performances: "WO trilogy" 2013; "Secret" 2015 coprod.; "185, 195, 215" 2015, coprod.; "Somiru" 2016; "Or Or" 2016 coprod. They performed in I, F, E, HR, SR, SLO. In 2018 the ways of the two protagonists of RogoЯ Cirkus separated.

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prejšnja tematika | naslednja tematika Cirkus alias Cirkusarna
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Dana Auguštin, choreography, aerial fabric and ground movement, toy piano and voice, and
Thierno Diallo, score, double bass, electric bass and vocal support.

Somiru, our contemporary circus performance, innovatively and experimentally melds ground and aerial movement with live music through the telling of its eponymous protagonist's story.

Somiru, travelling through worlds, discovers substance and sound, is gently touched and gently touches, communicates and always learns, always learns and always moves on. Somiru's journey is our's; womb emerged, we encounter many beings, experience of every type, singing and dancing our life stories, leaving memories and impressions in the wake.

Somiru's story, told in five minutes shy of half an hour, can be performed in daytime's natural light or in dark/night spaces with light designer Domagoj Šoić.

Somiru, photos
Somiru, more photos

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Aerial movement workshop is a laboratory of movement on aerial silks, as well as on the ground in which we explore and play with different ways of moving the body: rotating, turning, twisting, falling and hanging. The main aim of the workshop is to develop the participants’ skills of moving on the vertical, aerial fabrics, to learn the basic keys and figures that lead towards different kinds of twists and falls.

Warming up with focus on shoulder griddle, pelvis and hips leads us through exploring movement mechanically, that helps us understand how to use our body. This approach is built upon many years of personal yoga practice and acquirement of circus skills. It expands flexibility and builds strength. At the same time this is also a great preparation for inversions (like headstand, handstand, wheel, charthwheel) on the ground and many positions on the aerial silks.

No matter how many previous experiences in aerials you have you will learn and/or refine basic climbs and keys, that are the foundation of many moves, falls and transitions. If you are a beginner you will start with basics positions just above the floor, if you are experienced you will learn new exciting moves to add to your repertoar.

Dana Auguštin started to practice yoga back in 1990. In 2003 she finished Shivananda Yoga teacher training in Austria. During the same year she started to practice aerial fabrics, that she integrated in her final thesis at the Academy of fine arts in Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2005. Her focus was, from then on, directed towards circus. In 2008 she graduated at the famous French circus academy Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France. In 2016 she finished the aerial Unnata Yoga teacher training course. She developed a personal approach and technique on aerial fabrics, leads various workshops on regular basis and performs in Slovenia and abroad.

Workshops in Rog, photos
Out of Rog workshops, photos

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Rogor Cirkus was born in January 2013, created by Dana Auguštin and Thierno Diallo. Its name derived from the place of its establishment, the old bicycle factory named Rog, situated in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia, where they started in cooperation with others to renovate a hall with the vision of a place, dedicated to circus education, performances, shows, concerts, rehearsals and creation. Nowadays the vision has become reality, and all the mentioned activities are held there.

The first show of Rogor Cirkus was named »WO«, created in the beginning of 2013 and played until 2015 in Slovenia, Italy and France. Other creations and projects followed, such as »Skrivnost«, created and played in the year 2015, combining puppets, music and movement on the ground and in the air; street performance »185,195,215« created in the end of 2015, combining the manipulation of car tires with movement and music; »OrOr« created in 2016, combining shadow puppets, dance, music and aerial disciplines; and the most played creation, »Somiru«, created in the beginning of 2016 and played in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Spain.

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Dana Auguštin graduated at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France (2008) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovenia (2005). From the year 2003 she is actively engaged in the field of circus arts, performances, shows and education. She is certificated yoga as well as aerial yoga teacher, having regular classes of aerial silks, aerial yoga and floor flexibility and balance in Slovenia and abroad.

She worked and performed with different collectives (groups), choreographers and artists in Europe and overseas, such as: Gérard Fasoli, France; Bruno Dizien, France; Bruno Krief, France; Dirk Schambacher, France; Georges Lavaudant, 20e première, France; group Archaos, In Vitro, France-Brasil; AADN, Développement des arts et cultures numériques, Crossroads, France; Thierry de Mey, Rémanences, Belgium; Iztok Kovač & En Knap group, Slovenia; Boris Vecchio, Circumnavigando, Italy; Branko Potočan, Slovenia;... 

At the present moment she is actively engaged in teaching, organising workshops in Slovenia and abroad. She is certificated yoga teacher, Shivananda Yoga, as well as aerial yoga teacher, Unnata Aerial Yoga, giving classes of aerial silks, aerial yoga and floor flexibility and balance on regular basis.

She also performs and works as choreographer a lot, participating in different projects as well as creating her own shows and performances in collaboration with different artists, promoting new experimental circus.

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Thierno Diallo, self taught, played bassguitar, double bass and percussion with Baltazar Big Band, Standart, Igrišče, Sex & Violence Orchestra/Theatre,... , recorded for equadorian band Dos Lunas and had solo concerts. As the author of music and/or arranger and/or instrumentalist he cooperated with groups Cirkus Klautsky, Ego Malfunction, with B-Fine, singer from Sierra Leone and with producers from different artistic area as in the multimedia project Džumbus (poetry/music/film). Wrote music for several succesful puppet shows: Juri Muri in Africa,Why?, Kekec on Mars, Optical Illusion; and circus performances: WO-trilogy, Secret, Somiru, OrOr,... Works a lot in autonomus production center Tovarna Rog in Ljubljana. At the moment he cooperates as musician in several music: Orkestrada, Chopin a la Jazz, -O-,...; circus: Rogor Cirkus; puppet: Življenje na nitki; cabaret and intermedia productions. He produced, published and was part of several music albums.

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Mourning song of a shadow that is moving through different spaces, travelling somewhere, searching for the one that seems not to move.

Through movement and sound, rhythm and breath, a »per-sona« sounds through different stories of life and death, truth and lie. The way is abstract and absurd, beautiful and incomprehensible

Somiru, more photos

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