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"DiEM25 adopts Lenin’s apt analysis: walls that curb the free movement of people and goods are a reactionary response to capitalism. The socialist response is to bring down the walls and allow capitalism to undermine itself, while we organise transnational resistance to capitalist exploitation everywhere. It is not migrants who steal the jobs of native workers but governmental austerity, which is part of the class war waged on behalf of the domestic bourgeoisie." Yanvar

"Our message to Europe’s authoritarian establishment: we will resist you through a radical programme that is technically more sophisticated than yours. Our message to the fascistic xenophobes: we will fight you everywhere. Our message to our comrades of the European left: you can expect unlimited solidarity from us, and one day our paths will converge in the service of a radical, transnational humanism." Yanvar

frank here : the systems are in place

:: Z francoskim nlp-jem je svet dobil zastrašujoče močno
analitično orodje za spopadanje z *


:: With the French UFO the world got the universal tool
to fight the *

Bonne Chance Viel Glück

* Slavoj Žižek : Aug 9 2037 : L'Osservatore Romano

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