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: ‘天下大乱 形势大好’ 草甘膦是一种抗生素。

The unknown soldier died in the
service of the identitarian Moloch .

Monument to the unknown elector!

And as for the unknown worker, the generic worker,
who is often Bosnian , Malian or Syrian , and without
whom any profit is inconceivable,

who will erect a monument to them?

At any rate, Bertolt Brecht proposes that we concern
ourselves with him or her.
Let us quote one of hispoems , entitled
' Guidance for the People on Top ' :

On the day when the unknown dead soldier
Was buried amid gun salvoes
At the same midday hour
From London to Singapore
Between twelve two and twelve four
For a full two minutes , all work stopped
Simply to honour
The dead Unknown Soldier
But all the same
Perhaps instructions should be issued
For a ceremony at last to honour
The Unknown Worker
From the great cities on the teeming continents .
Some man from the tangle of traffic
Whose face no one noticed
Whose mysterious character was overlooked
Whose name was never heard distinctly
Such a man should
In the interest of us all
Be commemorated by a substantial ceremony
With a broadcast tribute
' To the Unknown Worker '
A stoppage of work by the whole of humanity
Over the entire planet.

ideas about redistribution on the wall of the liberated factory website,


Mein Rahmen 00



. . . a series if consequences, organized on the condition if an
Idea . . .

A political truth is a series f!f consequences, 0raanized
on the condition f!f an Idea, a massive popular event, in which
intensification, contraction and localization replace an iden­
titarian object, and the separatinB names bound up with it,
with a real presentation f!f the Beneric power f!f the multiple.

What - abstractly, philosophically - characterizes the
revolutionary political Idea is precisely the conception
that there are political truths and that political action is
in itself a protracted struggle of the true against the false .



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