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23 Jan 2020 - 19:00 || 24 Jan 2020 - 01:00


My films are at general puppet animations or trick real time films. Its all my scool work from Prague UMPRUM. My work is based at useing matherials and items with its emotional notice value.
Josef Žárský


Animated selfportrait, 39'', 2017, material animation.
Content: Finding one's own essence.

Relation Splash/Pljusk Bližine/Soulouž, 2'17'', 2017, puppet animation.
Content: Wanderer walks through an inhospitable landscape. when he finds a shelter, meets an inhospitable friend.

Premature Burial, 30'', 2017, live shot.
Content: An attempt to represent the tomb distress.

T. G. Masaryk speech in 1928, 1', 2017, material animation.
Content: Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first Czechoslovak president, overloaded by historical revisionism after 100 years.

Taste, 29'', 2019, pixilation.
Content: A film about love "at first glance" that goes through a strong crisis and misunderstanding.

Self Advertisingt, 57'', 2019, trick film.
Content: Advertising sharing the core of the filmmaker obsessed with meking films about frying potato pancakes.

Tremble/Vibriranje/Otřes, 3' 50'', 2018, puppet animation.
Content: Old Eskimo woman is addicted on social networks, and that has a fatal influence on her ability to obtain food. Film about guns and self phones. Breaking ice included.

After opening: Jam Session with silent movie background.

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