V soboto, 25. 3. 2006, se je v zapuščeni tovarni Rog začela izvedba novega socialnega programa ter odprla pobuda za začasno uporabo tovarne z namenom izvajanja neprofitnih in neuveljavljenih dejavnosti.

Rog roji ves čas, zato za obisk ni potrebno čakati. Najboljše se je kar oglasiti in stopiti v stik s trenutnimi uporabniki ter predstaviti svoje ideje in zamisli.


Église de chien complètement indifférent

For more data go to http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/

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An artist who cannot speak English is no artist,

It is difficult to conceive of contemporary art and the new channels of communication as being separate from one another: the Internet and mass media should facilitate the limitless access to news and to knowledge, something which is essential for critical and engaged art; that it is only through this that the organization and mediation of complex transnational projects can be carried out. However, the necessary technologies and languages for this have to be mastered; whoever denies these or has no opportunity to learn will also be barred entry to the utopian “global village.” With the saying “an artist who cannot speak English is no artist” Mladen Stilinović gives a cutting commentary on an apparently global art world. The words are sewed onto a banner like a slogan; however, it still remains open as to whether these amount to a demand, a protest or an expression of resignation – since formulated in English the statement is, after all, “generally understood.”

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